Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Irish republican ex-POW Pádraic MacCoitir stands with Ahed Tamimi

MacCoitir’s statement:

I remember well the early days of 1969 and like many others I never imagined the struggle to last as long as it is- without success so far.

Boys and girls were killed and indeed the first person I saw being shot dead was Desy Healy who was killed by a British soldier while throwing a sauce bottle during a riot on the day the Brits brought in Internment in August 71.

During that particular period of Internment some schoolboys, the youngest being 15, were interned.

Also in Leana an Duin Julie Livingstone was shot dead when a cowardly Britush soldier fired a plastic bullet at her. This was in May 81 during the hunger strike and during a period when many other children were killed and injured when hit with that lethal weapon.

We are seeing this on a daily basis in Palestine and the most famous of those imprisoned is Ahed Tamimi who’s just 15. 

Ahed has seen a lot in her short life with relatives being killed, wounded and imprisoned. The zionist regime totally ignore the criticism being levelled at them so it’s important we add our voices to the injustice being levelled against the Palestinian people.

SOURCE: http://samidoun.net/2018/01/video-irish-republican-ex-pow-padraic-maccoitir-stands-with-ahed-tamimi/



Monday, January 15, 2018

Marxism Leninism Maoism with J.Moufawad- Paul

Democracy and Class Struggle appreciates the work of J Moufawad - Paul but we read him critically and we stress unlike J Moufawad- Paul the continuity of MLM with the new Soviet Philosophy of the 1930's and the Maoist theory of contradiction we have also pointed out in past the Leninist origins of the Mass Line.

J Moufawad Paul correctly says the mass line and a new non commandist conception of the revolutionary party along with protracted peoples war is central to Marxism Leninism Maoism.

Therefore we appreciate his thought and contributions but by reading or listening to him critically we can better advance Marxism Leninism Maoism.

Sharpen your own Marxism Leninism Maoism by reading and criticising J Moufawad Paul in the true spirit of what Mao called communist largeness of mind.

Korea: Barrier of Mistrust and Confrontation Should Be Demolished by Pak Chol Jun in Rodong Sinmun

The new policy for improving the relations between the north and the south, clarified by respected Supreme Leader 

Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address, is a brilliant embodiment of the Juche-based line for national reunification which the DPRK has consistently maintained and a revelation of his noble patriotic will to write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts  of the Korean nation itself.

It is the most positive policy for reunification as it correctly reflects the immensely increased comprehensive national strength of the DPRK, strategic structure on the Korean Peninsula dramatically changed by it, the prevailing situation and the ever-growing desire for reunification.

The issue of easing the acute military tension between the north and the south and creating a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula, the issue of positively establishing a climate favorable for national reconciliation and reunification and the issue for the authorities in the north and the south to hold aloft the banner of national independence serve as a precious guideline that should be held fast to in defusing the tensions and improving the inter-Korean relations at present.

The recent north-south high-level talks, held under this new policy, proved again that there is no problem unsolvable if the north and the south pool their efforts.

Now is the time for the north and the south to have sincere discussion on the issue of improving their relations and seek a way out for the nation in a bold manner by the concerted efforts.

The issue of improving inter-Korean relations is an important matter to be solved by the concerted efforts of not only the authorities but also the entire nation.

We will open the door of dialogue, contact and travel to anyone in south Korea, including the ruling party and opposition parties, organizations and individual personages of all backgrounds, if they truly want national reconciliation and unity.

Second Round of Joint Korean Talks - Moranbong Band - Tomorrow of Happiness

Democracy and Class Struggle is hearing good news from the Joint Talks in South Korea even a joint North/South Skating Team is being discussed and even the Moranbong Band going to the Winter Olympics - hope it is all true - an Orchestra from North Korea attending the Winter Olympics has been confirmed

Tomorrow will be even better says the Moranbong Band.

Korea has suffered enough and unification is the will of Korean People.

Fire and Fury: Insights into the Fights Within the US Ruling Elite? by Doug Henwood

Democracy and Class Struggle says Doug Henwood provides serious analysis of he Book Fire and Fury.

The confirmation of dysfunction in the White House should not blind us to the way the alt right Bannon programme still continues without his name through individuals in power.

While the book should be subject to political analysis it is also valuable for intelligence analysis and learning how to manipulate Trump and his White House and the Kremlin and Zhongnanhai have plenty of material to "play" Trump.

We are in a period of US retrogression and Fire and Fury is an historical document of that retrogression

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Welcome to Trump Shithole Hotel in Washington DC


The Spanish Gag Law: 2017 Very bad year for freedom of expression in Spain says Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information

In the video above you can listen to a song with which one of the members of 'La Insurgencia' reacts, at the beginning of 2017, to the opening of the judicial process against him.

Democracy and Class Struggle has highlighted the plight of comrade Pablo Hasel in Spain with a prospect of a 12 year prison sentence in February 2018 but there are many more cases of the use of the Spanish Gag Law against Rappers and Twitterers in  Spain. 

This repression must not occur in the dark without the people or the world knowing and condemning the Spanish Government

 "Very bad year for freedom of expression"in Spain says The Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information has warned of the seriousness of the situation.

There is no lack of examples to illustrate the situation in Spain : tweets  convicted of so called "glorifying terrorism", prison sentences for rappers or fines for journalists under the so-called 'Gag Law' have set off the alarms of the Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information (PDLI), an organization that safeguards the rights of freedom of information and expression in Spain, and that has summarized last year 2017 as "the year of the crimes of opinion".

Its president, Virginia Pérez Alonso, has declared that

 "it is difficult to find in the last democratic stage of Spain a precedent similar to the degree of repression against the freedom of expression that we have arrived at this year: people have been sent to jail for simple songs or by a tweet, this we had forgotten and it has happened in the middle of Europe and in the XXI century ". 

In the opinion of Pérez Alonso, this is "so serious that we will take time to assimilate its scope".

Twitterers and rappers to jail in 2017

* Cassandra. 2 years and 6 months in jail.

The year began with the process of the tweeting Cassandra, for which the prosecution requested 2 years and 6 months in prison, plus 3 probation, for making parodies about the Francoist general Carrero Blanco, killed by ETA in 1973, in a series of tweets published from November 2013 to January 2016. 

The prosecutor's order accused her of a "crime of humiliating the victims of terrorism", foreseen and punished in the Penal Code, and considered that her tweets were "serious messages of exaltation of terrorism. " Cassandra, 21 years old, was sentenced to one year in prison by the National Court.

* César Strawberry. 1 year in prison

Also in January, the singer César Strawberry was sentenced to one year in prison and six months of absolute disqualification. His crime was to publish six tweets in which he satirized ETA or the death of Carrero Blanco, and in which the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court understood that there was an exaltation of terrorism and humiliation to the victims.

* Valtonyc 3 and a half years in jail.

The following month, in February, the National Court imposed a sentence of three and a half years in prison to rapper Valtonyc, considering that the content of his songs incurred in the crimes of insults to the Crown and the glorification of terrorism. 

The PDLI considered that sentence "a very serious attack on freedom of expression and unacceptable in a plural and democratic state."

* Collective 'The Insurgency'. 2 years and one day in prison for its 12 members.

In November, twelve other rappers were sentenced to 2 years and one day in jail, disqualification from public office for nine years and a fine of 4,800 euros. 

It is about the twelve members of the La Insurgencia collective, who according to the National Court committed crimes of glorification of terrorism through the lyrics of their songs.

The sentence emphasizes in them "continued allusions that, devoid of any other consideration, openly involve the terrorist organization GRAPO". This terrorist organization, whose name is the acronym for Resistance Groups Antifascist First of October, disappeared more than a decade ago.

The PDLI also ruled on the sentencing of these twelve rappers, describing it as 

"a new violation of freedom of expression and a violation of this fundamental right, contrary to the international standards to which Spain is subject, such as the Universal Declaration. of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights ".

The March record: seven trials in a month

As the same platform denounces, in March 2017 the National Court "was cause for alarm" for holding no less than seven trials for the uplifting of terrorism in social networks. Of these cases, to avoid major sentences, four of the accused reached agreements in accordance with the Prosecutor's Office and accepted sentences of one to two years in prison and eight years of disqualification.
"A democratic anomaly": the fines for the 'Gag Law'

In 2017 the Spanish Police continued to fine journalists under the Citizen Security Law, popularly known as the 'Gag Law'.

SOURCE: Report On RT Espana

Green Day - Troubled Times - No Trump, No KKK , No Fascist USA - The Other America Fights Back


Iran Rejects Trump's Call for Changes to Nuclear Deal

American Idiot dedicated to Donald Trump and Alex Jones and Drudge the new Moribund Dotard Band

Trump is taking us on a trip to Hell supported by the Moribund Dotard Band of Alex Jones and Drudge - Republicans are rolling over and liberal libertarians like Smerconish on CNN are saying a little bit of insanity in a leader is good - this is IDIOT AMERICA.